Saturday, September 13, 2014

Soft Phone, YATE, and Google Voice via OBi202

In many of my previous posts, I described how to set up the open source telephony engine YATE to enrich caller ID data of incoming Google Voice calls. This post takes a slightly different turn, which is to implement the following:
I want to install a software phone on my computer that will dial out and receive calls via Google Voice.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Custom Caller ID Names with Google Voice, OBi202, OpenCNAM and YATE (Updated for September 2014)

In September, 2013 I previously authored a three-part series (123) on customizing caller ID on an Obi202 connected to Google Voice. Soon thereafter, Google announced that it was turning off the XMPP protocol, which would render Obi devices unable to connect to Google Voice. That was the case until the recent announcement that Obi + Google Voice would again be supported! (Announcement) Therefore, I provide the following update to get my previous scripts working with this generation of Obi + Google Voice support.